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The problem of dressing is one of the most disputable and widely distributed today because the term “fasion” is constantly discussed by all generations. Actually, several epochs, humanity was agitated by other more pressing issues like family, way of life and various ecclesiastic aspects of our existence. But time is always changing and it promotes changes people's interests. Nevertheless, now, this question requires some considerations and discussions. That is why it would be better to gain an understanding of the definition “dressing” itself. Surely, dressing doesn't mean dressing like a snob. It presupposes following certain rules and adhering all modern trands that are renewed almost every day. But , there is one more question again. Should a person dresses according to keeping some demands or he can dress casually?
According to some experts, the most important thing when we wear, it is person's desire. It is a known fact that some people turn down holding to fixed principles of dressing. They just wear what they want. Their most significant aim is feel comfortable. It doesn't matter that now all society should dress long black jeans and red skirts, for instance. On the one hand, it is better to neglect these rules because our confidence that we are so stylish is more essential that opinions of others. Moreover, not immersing into the world of fashion, we live in harmony with our inner atmosphere . Our mood is priority of our desires. Finally, using such a way of selecting clothes, that we are going to wear, doesn't demand of be noticed by others. So, some people especially dress neurally because they have a desire to remain unnoticed. To tell the truth, this method is very useful for celebrities who want to be isolated from outside world.
On the other hand, the notion 'fashion' can't exit without abibing by all contemporary trends This part of people really keens on correct assorted set of clothes. Firstly, those who concern to this group of people make impression of a well-nature and multifaceted person. It means that he/she is interested not only in such issues like literature, society, music, policy but in more actual matters like fashion. Of course, there are some people who are stired only it, but it will be another problem, Secondly, such society is always in the foreground because of their abbility to be height of the plan. And one more thing that should be mentioned that being plunged in the branch of fashion, you can learn more really important facts about dressing. So, you are given an opportinity to analyse and make the costumes yourself.
In conclusion, i would like to say that this notion has become one of the most essential part in people'slife that requires to be always paid attention to.
Argumentative essays written by students | Views: 1 | Date: 04.03.2015

Nowadays fashion takes a great part in our life. It has its own industry, rules and views on the world. Some people appreciate it and try to follow it, but others don’t much care about their appearance. They seek to be in comfort. This is enough for them. People who are fond of wearing fashionable clothes don’t understand them, because they want to stand out. Well, let’s analyze this opposition.
On the one hand, casual clothes fit everybody. It is a comfortable and quite cheap kind of clothing. We don’t need to carry much about it, because it is our usual dressing that can be easily washed or removed. Besides, dressing casually doesn’t distinguish you from a crowd so you’re free from evaluating sights around you. Moreover, you will never be criticized by someone who doesn’t appreciate you dressing.
On the other hand, fashionable clothes make our world brighter. It’s true because people who wear them are more attractive to people around and more successful at some kind of negotiation. That’s why it is very suitable for dinner parties, celebrates and so on. So wearing casual clothes all the time, you will ever be just a part of a crowd.
To conclude, I’d like to say that fashion is a flexible thing. And for someone casual clothes may be quite fashionable and for others inadmissible to wear. As for me, I like to wear casual clothes but I always try to find some reason to wear fashionable one as well.

• How do you split yourself on when you’re bored?
• How can you define lie?
• What presents a person as an aggressive one?
• What way do you behave when you want to speak?
• What is your pose for people who you don’t want to speak with?
• How can you understand that a person really listen to you?
• How do you make your interlocutor sure that you evaluate him or her?
Argumentative essays written by students | Views: 1 | Date: 03.03.2015

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dressing casually?

Today, we see that so-called casual style which appeared in Europe in the XXth century becomes more and more popular. And as any popular and discussed issue it acquires supporters and haters. Besides, as any other debatable issue it has its advantages and disadvantages.

As regards merits, we can find a huge amount of them. First of all, when we hear the word casual, the first adjective that occurs to us is comfortable. And the main merit is certainly its convenience. More than that, it doesn’t imply that you should have an ideal sense of style. You just rely on the outside weather and wear anything that seems comfortable and appropriate.

Speaking about its drawbacks, we also can find plenty of them. Firstly, wearing casual clothes prevents us from showing our individuality and everybody looks familiar and dull. Secondly, all of us should admit that there are such moments in our life when we want to look differently. We want to wear special clothes and to look bright and dazzling. It makes us feel self-confident; it raises our self-appraisal and just makes memories brighter and more memorable.

To conclude, I would like to share my point of view. I hope a lot of people will agree with me that casual clothes should be in every wardrobe but we should not forget about special moments in our life! More than that, most employers demand a certain dress code that is inevitable. So I believe that our clothes should correspond to different aspects of our life! I don’t want to impose my opinion but I hope some people share it.

№6(lesson № 37)
 Did you know that it is possible to guess people’s intentions through the body language?
 Have you ever tried to find out your interlocutor’s intensions paying attention to his/her body language?
 Have you ever noticed that your pose or gestures reflect your attitude to the situation?
 Can we hide our true intensions knowing the “magic” of body language?
 Can such knowledge help you in your career?
Argumentative essays written by students | Views: 1 | Date: 02.03.2015

People experience a great spectrum of different emotions every day, they can be positive or negative, what is more, both of them are important for keeping of emotional balance. But now i would like to tell about only one emotion, the one makes our life brighter and more colorful, it causes by positive, favorable and fortunate events of our everyday life. This is joy!
This type of emotions refers to the basic ones. As a rule, most people experience this emotion since childhood, this happens when we feel the harmony of surrounding world. This feeling or even so to say soul's state is expressed by involuntary smiles on our faces, by laughter or something else. Different people have their own causes for this emotion: someone feel it during a breathtaking journey, someone can experience this when he discovery new things for himself, someone can be pleased just by carefree life or freedom.
Moreover, emotion of joy has great social importance. This person's state makes him share his happiness, it makes people kinder. Exchange of positive emotions contributes to emotional attachment and eliminates the feeling of loneliness. So, it is important to be happy for other people and share with them your positive moments.
Persuasive essays written by students | Views: 1 | Date: 15.12.2014

Human mind is a complicated system consisting of various parts. Each one has its aims, difficulties, problems to solve, and essence. One of the most important divisions of our mind is an emotional one that contains all our possible reactions on a certain stimulus. As for me, this part of personality of every man is most important and this very total of feeling makes us act in this life.
Firstly, emotions and feelings are laid in our nature and they are the main things which distinguish us from animal who live by their instincts.
Secondly, there are no people who curbed his or her emotions. Even most calm and unshakable people feel all range of feelings every day. People just have different degree of their expression.
Finally, there are a lot of cases in which people tried to see the situation analytically but acted in the way “their heart requires them”.
In conclusion, I’d like to say that our emotion system influence a lot of process in our body from increasing of efficiency by emotional motivation to different physical problems connected with emotional imbalance.
Persuasive essays written by students | Views: 3 | Date: 12.12.2014

There is an opinion that people’s physical statement often depends on expressing their feelings and emotions. To be honest, I share this point of view completely. Our organism is too complicated system which always undergoes different changes. So, it is like a child who calls for care. That is why its statement depends on us. Surely, every person goes through habitual hardships in his life. It means that his psyche is considerably weak and he will able to lose his temper at any moment. It is a known fact that our mind is closely connected with our physical statement. It proves that fact that we should avoid frequent emotional experience. But unfortunately, it is impossible. Different kinds of emotions surround us every day. They can be either positive or negative. Many scientist guess that even positive feelings can harm people’s organism but it is another question. Such emotions like irritation, frustration, anger, agitation, enragement, fear, helpless, sorrow, regret end others influence people’s nervous system. It destroys and to correct it is sometimes impossible because nervous system seldom can be restored. People can suffer from such endless illnesses for all their lives. One more problem that some people acquire perpetual depression that really differs from simple disappointment or melancholy. They are gone people who don’t see the essence of life. It is definitely a horrible thing. Of course, such sicknesses like the arrhythmia, asthma, neuralgia and chronic illnesses also can be cause of constant experience.
Persuasive essays written by students | Views: 4 | Date: 09.12.2014

Cinema is a complex system of technological and artistic efforts that is aimed at entertainment, interest and education of people. As any of social phenomenon and a source of information cinema has a great influence on people’s mind and their political, social and personal views.
It communicates with us and transmits a director’s ideas, so it is a good way for propaganda, but the point is what kind of propaganda cinema may use. There are different views concerning this issue.
On the one hand, a lot of people consider that cinema has a bad influence on a young generation, because it provides ideas which may be negative and spoiling.
Firstly, propaganda of violence and impropriate behavior is a frequent act in a modern cinematography. People begin to imitate their favorite characters and the results are lamentable.
Secondly, there are also quarrels about propaganda of alcohol, smoking and drugs. People think that some kind of movies present these bad habits in a good way that make some men tend to start them.
On the other hand, some people speak about positive propaganda or so-called positive motivation. This notion means providing an example of a character people should seek after.
First of all, we know a large amount of superhero films that introduce to us people with the most honorable qualities, such as courage, heroism, self-sacrifice and determination.
Besides, in addition to unreal characters there are stories about quite usual people who achieve a lot by doing right deeds.
In conclusion, I’d like to say that opinions will always be different and every person has a right to have his own. Personally, I suppose that cinema, being an integral part of our leisure, is one of the greatest inventions in the world and, even if it has some negative features, the number of positive ones is much bigger, because it is really difficult to imagine our free time without it.
Argumentative essays written by students | Views: 3 | Date: 24.10.2014

Cinema and Money

Cinema can be defined as one of the best ways of imprinting reality. Some people claim that the quality of movies depends only on their budget. But some of them say that it doesn't matter how much money do you have, it depends only on the professionalism of directors.
On the one hand, there is the idea that you should have a large sum of money for releasing your film. Through the years the process of making videos has changed. What is more, we can also see the development of devices which help us to make videos. If you are a producer and you want to invite famous director or you even have a desire to blear the eyes of the audience with several famous directors you should also take into consideration that the amount of money should be bigger. In addition to this, the usage of special effects also requires money. The more money you spend on it, the more captivating picture you have. Moreover, if you want to invite famous actors or actresses, you also should take into consideration their fee.
On the other hand, some people claim that you can shoot a good film even without a large sum of money. The quality of movies only depends on the professionalism of directors. A lot of films with captivating plot and wonderful acting are shot with smaller quantity of money. The devices which are used for that are not so expensive.
So many men, so many minds. So, from my point of view, these two ideas have a right to exist.
In conclusion I want to say that these view-points are right because they are related to different kinds of movies. So, if you want to shoot a good blockbuster, you should earn enough money for this. But if you want to make an ordinary film, find a talented director.
Argumentative essays written by students | Views: 3 | Date: 24.10.2014

Violence in Movies
There are a lot of different views on such an issue as violence in movies. Some people assert that any form of cruelty in films should be forbidden. While some of us believe that everybody can select the suitable for them film for watching because tastes differ. Who is right?
On the one hand, it is urgent to forbid showing scenes of violence in movies. The most important reason for this is that it has a great influence on children and people with unstable psychic. It can make them crueler and there is a chance of violence demonstration. Sometimes people can acquire the feeling of impunity and it isn’t less dangerous for others. Moreover, watching scenes with manifestation of cruelty can have such consequences as appearance of incorrect moral values and moral conviction.
On the other hand, there are such people who disagree with this opinion. They don’t see the influence of violence in movies. Moreover, they assert that we are free to select movies we prefer. If we would like to watch a calm film without any cruelty we can choose it by reading the description before watching. Speaking about children who by virtue of their natural curiosity can’t limit themselves we can say that it is a duty of their parents to look after their kids and the films they watch. And one more advantage of violence in films is that a movie become more spectacular which attract viewers’ attention.
As for me, it is difficult to decide which of these opinions I support. Both of them are rather reasonable and seem judicious. Besides, both these views have their own advantages and disadvantages and I can’t share one of these opinions.
To sum it up, I would like to emphasize that all these arguments should be taken into consideration even if you don’t believe that violence have an influence on people’s minds. What’s more, we have the words which are suitable almost for every case: so many men, so many minds!!!
Argumentative essays written by students | Views: 4 | Date: 24.10.2014

At present time, cinema is regarded as a contemporary form of art where the most enormous esthetic and educational force of the world is kept. It is an outfield country where any person can perceive all the kinds of people’s emotions, where he can find himself. But nonetheless, there are a lot of disputable views about such a stupendous theme like cinema. According to some exerts, cinema is just a skillful way to make money at the expense of people’s concernment. Perhaps I should also point out the fact that there are many hypocritical directors who really don’t’ want to pull the devil by the tail. So, their main aim is be a fact cat. Surely, supposing this fact, cinema loses it’s the essence. It lets down people who have a desire to see a director’s incarnate intentions to illustrate our world in his eyes, to see through all the significant problems of humanity. But unfortunately, there are many proofs that confirm this disappointing fact. When people are convinced in it, they begin changing their opinions about cinema. For them, it is like an illusion of deception where there is not anything sincere and frank. Cinema misleads everybody, showing spurious fairy tales that don’t’ contain any reality. But nevertheless, other people condemn this point of view. They are sure that cinema is a representation of something authentic. It is supported not only to entertain bout inform and educate people. There are many cognitive films that imply to enhance the horizons of people’s mind. There are many touching movies that can turn over everything in your soul. And of course, edifying films that will be able to alter you and your inner world. As for me, I would like to plunge into such a mysterious world of movie, to feel its thin and fragile nature. It is a country in which nothing happens, but everything is possible even something ineffable, unrealized, and disordered.
Argumentative essays written by students | Views: 2 | Date: 22.10.2014

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