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For my first day of business I remember leaving early in the morning but not in any particular hurry, gathering my courage as I drove along to begin my first day of business.I was anxious being on my own but I knew I had to have courage after all what was the worst thing that could happen to me (other than getting thrown off the site ) I thought.

I arrived at my destination and stopped in what I thought was a good spot to start trading, parked up my catering van and proceeded to get out and start setting up for the day when two security guards came running over from the truck depot opposite to ask me " what are you doing here"

I said to them firmly "I'm trading and I've got permission to be here... from the landlords and pointed to the sign opposite which was displaying (just by chance) Industrial Units To let with a contact phone number. I explained to the security people that I'd called the number and asked the landlords for permission to trade on site and they agreed, So on Hearing this they backed of and walked away...
Evaluative essays written by students | Views: 663 | Date: 28.05.2012

Icons are the beautiful materialistic representations of two different wolds human and divine. But primary their purpose was not material but spiritual. They are unique things which can create special symbolic meaning in people's minds. It represents something spiritual and lofty. Looking at the icons everybody feels something special. We all (people, plants, animals) are creatures of the God and icons help us to understand the main principles of our existence. Icons depict the ideals of the faith. Icon painting is not only a kind of art it also has a special symbolic meaning. It is an essential part of the Orthodox Church and it is a very important part of our religion.
The evolution and the whole tradition of the Church will be incomplete without a knowledge and understanding of icon paintings. Interpretation of the icons should be based on both theological and technical aspects. The Church is interested in the beauty of this spiritual world. In Christian Orthodox art, the beautiful is not determined by the natural form of the objects, but by its sublime content, that is, by its power to serve the ideals of the faith. We all (people, plants, animals) are creatures of God and each of us is good not because of our form or color, but because of the service we render. This basic idea of Orthodox icon painting is the main difficulty for our understanding and appreciation of icons. When we look at icons, it is unusual for us to see their apparent simplicity, their flatness, unreal colors, lack of perspective, and strange proportions. But at the same time icon painting doesn't cause negative attitude to them. More than that icons create special symbolic meaning in our minds and help to feel something special.
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 712 | Date: 20.02.2012

Icons are considered a form of art, though they were not created for art's sake. The reason for their appearance is purely religious and it manifests itself in serving the Church. Icons differ from other forms of art not only because of their purpose. They are understood and interpreted in a special way.
Icons are highly symbolic, they express the category of holiness and sanctity. They do not just depicts Saints, they transmit the sacred message to the believers.
The colours are chosen according to the concepts they symbolise and ideas they stand for. Proportions seem to be weird, but they correspond to certain scheme or "matrix” of any icon – the position of each Saint is strictly determined. Icons can't be interpreted as other forms of art – freethinking isn't allowed. Trying to comprehend a picture, one usually relies on his own understanding, paying attention to his own emotions evoked by the masterpiece, looking for the author's message or creating his own one. Icons stand aside from any personal interpretation. They are "encoded” and usually there's only one way to "decode” their message. Symbols in iconography do not correspond to "the symbol as an imaginary device” that presupposes variation of treatments.
In this way icons can be compared to riddles or puzzles – in order to understand the whole message one has to look deeper, far beyond what is depicted, into the very hidden symbolic meaning.
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 649 | Date: 16.02.2012

It does not matter whether a person believes in God or not, he/she must know things that belong to religion, at least in order to be educated. For religious people church is one of the most important things, and everything that is inside it is something that can be studied endlessly and interpreted differently.

Usually when a person prays to God he tries to address him and the most effective way to do that is to look at the icon and imagine that you talk to God or to the saint that is depicted in the icon.

The icon is an image the Orthodox Church cannot exist without at all. When one enters the church, the first thing that catches the eye is that every Orthodox Church is full of icons with different images, saints depicted in them. They can be really huge and very small. But the beauty of the icon is not in its size or colorfulness. The beauty of the icon is a sacred origin that can be comprehended only by a faithful person. People appeal to God when they feel lost, when they do not know what to do, when they need help. Hence in order to do that they look at the icon and try to talk to it in a special inner way.

I believe that the icon is a sacred material object that can be a part of our God. It is a representation of the holy things. It is something that helps us to feel some support: because people tend to believe in things that can be seen or touched and unfortunately we cannot see God but we can see its gift: the icon.

To conclude I would like to say that the icon is a joyful thing and it helps people to be strong and to believe that all difficulties can be overcome because God is always with us.
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 654 | Date: 16.02.2012

Icons depict Saints. Hence, the way we understand Saints influences and predetermines the way we perceive icons. Who are the Saints? I regard them as usual, ordinary people who are morally higher than other people, who are spiritually perfect or almost perfect. Just, for example, prophets. The Saints understand Life and share the sense of Life they have grasped with other people. Therefore, we may conclude that Saints are teachers preaching spirituality.
As far as icons are concerned, I believe there are at least two ways of understanding them. The first one is: icons as an object of religious worship. But that is characteristic only for believers, true believers.
A more common way of perceiving icons is peculiar to the majority of people, to average people. They (me as well) view icons as an object of history, an object of Art.
Hence, when looking at an icon the first (a believer) will admire it and undergo very strong emotions that other citizens will never understand. Sense has nothing to de when dealing with the Soul. At the same time, when a non-believer is looking at an icon, he/she will probably ask some questions like, “Who is the painter?”, “Which century does it date back?”, or even “Who is the Saint depicted here?”.
In my opinion, both ways of understanding icons have a right to exist. It does not matter very much how to appreciate things. It is much more important not to be ignorant.
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 952 | Date: 16.02.2012

As far as I understand quality is very subjective. And we can also say that quality is a many sided phenomenon. And here we can say that quality depends on the observer. If it is the man in the street I doubt that he can examine the work of art professionally. At the same time his estimation is based on the work of art itself with its message and emotions. I mean that the man in the street examines the work of art from the point of view of its content, but only then the form.

If we speak about some critic who also examines the work of art, his estimation will be aimed at searching for disadvantages and defects. Well, as it is said quality has different perspectives. And each perspective depends on the observer himself and on the aim of his examination of any particular work of art. And the appreciation of art is one’s personal attitude to this or that work of art influenced by its form, message and emotions contained in this very work of art and maybe some additional knowledge about the artist himself or a period of history when the work of art was created.

For example, there is a film "What dreams may come”. Watching it I don’t pay attention to its quality, to the methods of emotions and thoughts supply. I just see the message itself and the emotions. I feel what the main characters feel. I like the form of presenting the narration. The images created by the stage director make me amazed, help me have emotions and feelings the characters have, and also make me understand the thoughts inserted in the film more clearly.

People always appreciate art. Any work of art deserves it. But the form of this appreciation depends on the observer and his personal aims and motives.
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 633 | Date: 08.02.2012

Can euthanasia be accepted? Should it be prohibited? To answer these questions one should take moral, ethic, social and even religious aspects into consideration. Those in favour of euthanasia argue that a civilized society should allow people to die in dignity and without pain, and should allow others to help them do so if they cannot manage it on their own. On the other hand there is an opinion that Euthanasia weakens society's respect for the sanctity of life or that allowing euthanasia will lead to less good care for the terminally ill. Some people believe that euthanasia should be allowed when it is in the best interests of all involved and does not violate anyone's rights, thought others are convinced that accepting euthanasia accepts that some lives (those of the disabled or sick) are worth less than others
Though it can be treated as a merciful act that prevents a person from sufferings and pain it remains a kind of murder while we deprive a person of his life. Still some doctors believe that in some situations when there is no hope for recovery euthanasia can be the only means.
It is well-known that assisted dying and indirect euthanasia are not treated as illegal acts nowadays though they are just other forms of euthanasia. Why do we disapprove of active euthanasia then? I tend to believe that the difference in the forms doesn't make the essence of these acts different.
I am convinced that notwithstanding ethic, moral and religious prejudices euthanasia shouldn't be prohibited. I stick to the point that terminal patients shouldn't be deprived of their right to die in dignity. A person has a right to control his/her life, why can't we give them a chance to control their death too?
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 592 | Date: 04.01.2012

   The concept of authority includes such smaller concepts as power, commission, influence, privilege, right, control etc. Authority can be a list of activities which a person or an organization may carry out, or it can mean a superior agency, which has control over smaller ones. Very often, the word authority is used, while speaking about government, for example local authorities, or in business, for example Authority Body for the top management. The word authority has dozens of meanings, but all of them are in some way connected with the concepts of superiority and power. Accordingly, we can often face negative sides of authority, such as authority abuse, authority-based rearing and so on. On the other hand, authority crates subordination and provides general control, which helps the society to avoid anarchy and to function as an integrated system.   
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 682 | Date: 04.01.2012

Cyber freedom – cyber freedom does not mean only respecting human rights both in reality and in cyberspace. This concept deals with the expansion of people’s opportunities to express themselves. Everybody has a possibility to have an avatar, or even more than one. People who have communication difficulties in real life can make social contacts in the web. Cyber freedom is also a freedom of choice – you choose your interlocutors, choose you own behavior patterns; you choose which kind of news do you want to read, choose which music to listen to and which films to watch. You can divide your time between work and play, between communication and reading, between being online and offline. All these opportunities put together the concept of cyber freedom.
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 775 | Date: 04.01.2012

Personal safety is a feeling of being protected and secured. If a person has no serious problems, nothing and nobody endangers his or her life and health, if he or she has a list rights which are respected and observed, if he or she has a place of residence and a workplace, if he or she possesses some money and has friends and relatives who can always support and help, we can suppose the person the personal safety of this person in good fix. But different people have different comprehension and criteria of being personally safe. For one it can just be a roof over one’s head and a devoted family. For the other it’s a strengthen castle and a dozen of bodyguards. Personal safety is in general a constructive concept, but it can take a destructive form, when for example one’s personal safety may be attained only by threatening of the others private security. The concept of personal security is very closely connected with the human psyche, and is based on being psychologically shielded and calm. Even if nothing threatens the material state of a person, he may feel unsafe and be afraid of something, which means that his or her personal safety is also disturbed.
Opinion essays written by students | Views: 6996 | Date: 04.01.2012

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