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The verbs DARE and NEED have this in common that they can both be used as regular verbs and as defective (=”anomalous”) verbs.
The verb DARE as a defective verb has two forms, which are the Present and the Past tense forms (dare – daren’t; dared – dared not).
The verb NEED as a defective verb has only one form.
In reported speech it remains unchanged (he said you needn’t…).
Both DARE and NEED are used only in negative and interrogative sentences.

1. Look through the following contetxs. Translate into Russian paying special attention to the modal verbs.

  • I didn’t have to take the money. Why do you think I had to? It’s in my power to earn my living myself. And I don’t need your pieces of advice. Just get out.
  • Does he dare do it? Who should be responsible for that?  Do we dare prevent such actions? Need we take it for granted? Does everybody need to do their best to prevent acts of vandalism? How dare teenagers ruin our culture, our monuments and sometimes even their lives?
  • I should have taken the money. My brother needs an operation. He is very ill. But this operation is too expensive, so he can’t afford it. I don’t know what I should do now. One of my friends offered me the money, but I refused taking it. I’m in panic. I should find a way-out.
  • Does he dare do it? Do we dare prevent such actions? Need we take it for granted? Why doesn’t our local government punish such hooligans? How dare he behave so? Don’t you think that it’s abnormal? Why don’t we want to stop such antisocial actions? How dare he show himself so? We shouldn’t bear it any longer!
  • I needn’t have taken the money. I needn’t have bought all these unnecessary things. I needn’t have been so rude with my friends. I needn’t  have touched anything on the deck.  I needn’t  have told her secret.
  • Does he dare do it? Do we dare prevent such actions? Need we take it for granted? Does they dare  destroy  our life? Is it normal to break windows? Does they dare behave in such way?
  • I should have taken the money. I should have followed his advice and taken these 20 dollars. I shouldn't have been so stubborn. I should have accepted his help. But I didn't do that. And now it's too late to change something. And I can only regret.
  •  Does he dare to do it? How dare he behave like that? Does anybody dare to stop him? Do we need to call for some help? Do we dare to cope with the situation ourselves? Do we dare to prevent such actions later on? Or need we take it for granted? Need we accept it? Need we break our principles and begin to behave in such a vandal way? Dare we do it.

2. Read and respond to the starting utterances.

Utterance 1:
- I should have taken the money. I knew that my friend had just got her salary and she wanted to make me a present. But I was really shy and I thought it wouldn’t be polite to take the money. But actually I should have taken it, because my friend is now mortally offended because of the refusal.
- ...
Utterance 2:
- I needn’t have taken the money. Of course, I wanted to buy that laptop as I was soon leaving for Moscow on business trip. So I borrowed some money from my friends promising to return it in a month. When I came home, I saw my brother smiling and holding out a bundle of notes. He had cleaned out his account only to help me buy the laptop. To be honest, I was disappointed because I made so much trouble to my friends.
- ...
Utterance 3:
- I didn’t have to take the money. Though my friend was willing to support me and invest some of his accumulation into my enterprise, but to tell the truth I had plenty of money on my bank account. So I thanked my friend for his offer and decided to run the business on my own.
- ...
Utterance 4:
- Do we dare prevent such actions? It is not easy to live in the country where there is no respect and consideration. But we shouldn’t be indifferent to what is going on in our streets. We need to be more socially tolerant and take active part in social life. How dare we demand respect from others when we despise our government and disregard our nearest and dearest? Need we change ourselves in order to change the world?
- ...

3. Read similar contexts and continue logically adding a few sentences.
Context 1:
You should have taken the money. You were making that project. It took you a long time. And your chief wanted to help you. He had a free sum of money. But you denied his help. It was your choice, but I don't think that it was right....
Context 2:
Does he dare do it? Do we dare prevent such actions? Need we take it for granted? We need new political decisions. Our government must change the situation in our society. Nowadays people dare do what they want. Need we an anarchy? I don't think so. That's why we all should change the social situation in our state.

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