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In the forth book Catherine and Henry reunite and flee to Switzerland in a rowing boat. The events take place somewhere away from war. But still, the plot is much tensed, though now the author doesn’t describe the scenes of mess and violence that reigned at the war. I think there were many events that provoked a tragic end. Catherine hoped that she and Henry would be left alone, but after trying to escape from Italian officers a lot was changed in the heroes’ lives. And I think it was clear from the very beginning that the end would be pessimistic. But actually there is one question that I have to the main hero, "Why did he risk Catherine’s life so much?” I am amazed a lot with the devotion of these two people to each other. Here is also one more thing that was a bit unusual for me: while reading the book my attention was called to the way how Henry expresses his feelings. He is never embarrassed by such words as "sacred”, "sacrifice”, "love”. If he wants to say something, he just says it. And Catherine is just the same. They both can trust each other and maybe that’s why their love is so strong, and they just can’t live without each other. And the most important thing is that they can be devoted to each other, they know that they need nobody and nothing but them. And perhaps this feeling helps them to overcome all the difficulties…at least now…at least partially…

(by Luck)

If I were to shoot Book 4 I’d call my movie "Striving for happiness”. I would be a romantic director. I would concentrate on love and relationships existing between Frederic and Catherine. I would, maybe, try to avoid that negative background. I would shoot the story with the happy end. Maybe, I would even go further and add my own finale. I would show Frederic and Catherine together, living in a peaceful time, bringing up their baby-girl.

It would be a very short movie. I wouldn’t go in explanations. And there will be no inner monologues either. Just the development of the plot, dialogues and one main idea.

Let’s speak about the plot itself. Frederic survives near execution and drowning followed by a torturous train ride only to check into a nice hotel and find Catherine at lunch with Miss Ferguson who becomes emotional at the thought that Catherine will leave her all alone in Stresa. Fergy's questions about their intentions help them to reaffirm their mutual understanding and love. Frederic's failure to see that Fergy's emotions are rooted in jealousy reveal that he has a few things more to learn about the inner life of women.

Frederic realizes that Catherine has become his religion. Frederic is happy to simply be with Catherine and though he can be shot if he is discovered he doesn't take any concrete steps to secure his safety. The barman's warning presses the issue for them and they resolve to flee immediately. Frederic and Catherine's crossing the lake mirrors Frederic's earlier escape from the executioners but this journey they take together. It is the final separation from their old life in Italy and its associations with the war to a new one in Switzerland that has as its foundation only their devotion to each other.

(by Asya)

In the forth book Frederic Henry meets his Catherine again. But he is still afraid of losing her, because he has just gone over the hill. So they have to be very careful.

         Frederic and Catherine spend some days together. They are happy. But then the barman of the hotel, where Henry lives, tells him that he is going to be arrested. This news is not like a bolt from the blue, but makes the couple worry about their future. With the help of the barman Frederic and his wife decide to sail in Switzerland. Now they are in a boat and have to fight only with storm.

         Frederic Henry and Catherine are alone in the lake. They have to fight for their future peaceful life again. They are tired, but happy. It seems that they don’t need anything except this small boat, because here they are together. This journey is their way from the war to peace. While they are in the boat I want to come back to one of the episodes of the fourth book.

         The billiard with Count Greffi. This is an old wise man. He and Frederic Henry are very good friends. Count Greffi makes Henry find his own religion in this world. I think here Ernest Hemingway shows us that love is worth living. Count Greffi asks Henry what is the most valuable thing for him. Frederic answers that the only thing for him is his wife, because he loves her more than somebody or something else in the world. Our main character understands that there is only love, that makes him live, that has helped him to survive.

         Meanwhile Frederic Henry and his beloved woman reach Switzerland. Here they solve some problems with the police and going to visit Montreux. At last they are in safe. Now Henry can say his farewell to arms. Here is peace. War is somewhere far away. Frederic and Catherine have coped with many difficulties to reach this very moment. This is a start point for them. From now they build their future as a family. But still there is the fifth book. So we’ll see what comes next.

         (by Seagull)

      If I were a film director, I would make the forth book more romantic. The most important things for me would be people and their emotions and inner monologues. I will concentrate on people’s eyes, because eyes can’t lie, eyes are morrows of our soul. And only they could tell us what kind of emotions my characters really had. 

      The film wouldn’t be long and bright. It would be in dark colours in order to create a special atmosphere of war. The love-line would be the most important for my movie. And I want to show more detail the scene of Frederic’s parting with Catherine. I would like to choose two songs for this moment: the first is a song "Love” by Sasha Son or the music from the movie "Requiem on dream” by London symphonic orchestra.

      As a film director I will make the plot very simple. Henry knew that Catherine left to Streza. Henry went there and met Catherine. They stayed in a hotel in Streza for a few days. But one day the barman from this hotel told Henry that Italian officers wanted to arrest him and he should go into hiding. The barman gave Henry and Catherine a boat and our lovely couple move in Switzerland. 

(by Megastarosta)

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