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Part III

Leaving the place, leave it forever...

          The third part of the novel is mostly based on the relationships between Irene, her husband and Bosinney. The love affair that was developing in the second part is coming to its end. Irene's adultery becomes obvious not only for all the Forsytes and her husband but for their neighbours and acquaintances. Bosinney is on the verge of bankruptcy. Soames is overwhelmed with jealousy. The third part of the book tells us what the consequences of this love-affair were and how they influenced the Forsytes' usual life-style.

          The Forsytes, this noble family, prefer not to pay attention to the situation, which will definitely lead to a scandal one day ("My dear, it is a subject we do not talk about!”). Actually, all the members of this family sympathize with Soames but at the same time do almost nothing to prevent the end of his marriage. They prefer to stay aside, silently watching how Soames' marriage is collapsing. "It was not a subject which the Forsytes could talk about even among themselves—to use the word Soames had invented to characterize to himself the situation, it was ‘subterranean’.” So, this is the behaviour of the Forsytes. But what do those who are involved in this love-story do?

          June has come back from the seaside, she's not a naïve and timid young lady she used to be a couple of months ago. During her travelling, she's met an ill girl, took care of her and then watched her die. This emotional experience has changed her attitude towards the situation with her fiancé – June is still mournful, but now she's ready to act, to fight for her love and even to forgive Irene and Bosinney. Poor girl, her generosity is in vain.

          Soames is the only person I am in sympathy with. A loving husband, selfless and devoted is rejected and humiliated by his own wife. And, even being left and betrayed he found himself able to forgive Irene. "Nothing that she could have done, nothing that she had done, brought home to him like this the inner significance of her act. For the moment, perhaps, he understood nearly all there was to understand—understood that she loathed him, that she had loathed him for years, that for all intents and purposes they were like people living in different worlds, that there was no hope for him, never had been; even, that she had suffered—that she was to be pitied. In that moment of emotion he betrayed the Forsyte in him—forgot himself, his interests, his property—was capable of almost anything; was lifted into the pure ether of the selfless and unpractical”. A strong man with a generous nature.

          And what does his wife do then? When she understood that her lover is dead and she has no place to go and no money to live on, Irene prefers to come back to Soames. Like a pitiful dog that had left its master and then, when it became hungry and cold, came back whimpering and miserable. "She had come back like an animal wounded to death, not knowing where to turn, not knowing what she was doing”. May be one will try to justify her, regarding her as a victim of the cruel life of English aristocrats, but I see no lame excuses. Irene is a women who has married a man she hated and that's why she lacks for self-respect and pride. Irene is a woman who has betrayed the man who loved her and that's why she is stone-hearted. Irene is a woman who has allured her friend's fiancé and that's why she's egoistic and vain. Irene is a woman who has left her husband not caring about the shame her action causes and that's why she's reckless and imprudent. Irene is a woman who has come back to her husband after her lover's death and that's why she is weak and despicable.

         "Women are the devil” - said Bosinney. His amourette caused his death. "Women are the devil” - repeated Soames and he was betrayed by his own wife. "A man of property” - a book where one woman caused so many troubles.

(by Rina)

Now let’s pass to book 3. This is the final part of "The man of property”. To my mind, here we should focus mainly on the idea of the whole first part of "The Forsyte saga” rather than on the idea of Book 3. It would be quite logical. Mainly, because the idea of Book 3 adds to the understanding of the whole saga.

One major event taking place here is the death of Bosinney. It leads to some other important events though. As we all know, Irene left Soames for Bosinney. But when Bosinney is dead she is at a loss. She understands that her life is now ruined. She returns to Soames, but he rejects her.

So, as we see the resolution of the novel gives us food for thought. Bosinney dies. Irene is in despair. She returns to Soames. And it seems that the Forsytes have won again. But is it really so?! It turns out that this victory is a false, a seem-to-be victory. When thinking over Bosinney’s death and its consequences, young Jolyon comes to a conclusion that "this death would break up the Forsyte family. The stroke had indeed slipped past their defences into the wood of their tree. They might flourish to all appearance as before, preserving a brave show before the eyes of London, but the trunk was dead, withered by the same flash that had stricken down Bosinney.” So, this death has its certain consequences. It will influence not only Soamse’s life. It will cause more serious problems. Like the end of the well-being of the whole Forsyte family.

 I suppose, now it is high time we spoke about the main conflict of "The man of property”. The Forsytes are no creators. They are only consumers. They try to achieve what the others have produced, to get as much as possible. And this causes the main conflict of the novel "The man of property”: withstanding of two worlds, the world of beauty and freedom being opposed to the world of property. Irene and Bosinney versus the Forsytes.

When Bosinney first appears in the Forsyte family they give him a certain characteristic. They do not like him. Galsworthy writes, ‘He was an architect, not in itself a sufficient reason for wearing such a hat. None of the Forsytes happened to be architects, but one of them knew two architects who would never have worn such a hat upon a call of ceremony in the London season”. It is irony, of course. Galsworthy’s language is very ironical when it comes to the Forsytes. But now we are not discussing stylistic devices. We are speaking about the message of the novel. What does this quote tell us? None of the Forsytes is a man of Art, Art being not sufficient for satisfying their pride.

The Forsytes can only exploit Art to get some profit. Here we should speak about small Frances. She is the only Forsyte being involved into the world of Art. She is a musician. She  writes songs. And the Forsytes use these songs: sell them and get money. The only work of hers they do not like is a sonata for the violin. it will not give them profit, it will not sell good.

The resolution of "The man of property” seems to be quite logical. Bosinney could not fit in their world. Irene either. That is why they fell in love with each other. But the Forsytes are like a devil machine that ruins everything it faces. So, Bosinney is dead. And Irene’s life is ruined. But this time their victory was questionable. It will influence their life. Their unshakable position has finally been threatened!

(By Asya)

The final part probably reveals all the secrets of the Forsyte family. What does that mean to be born and brought up in one of the most respectable families? In a family whose social status is high and manners seem to be perfect? Does it always lead to the happy end? Is it always the ace of trumps that finally can help you to win the battle and get whatever you want?Obviously it is not true. This strong family clan rots inside. To make this conclusion, it is enough to look at the relationships in the family. Irene, Soames, Bosinney, June, Jolyon… What is happening in lives of these characters?

June seems to accept the fact that she will never be with Bosinney again. And Bosinney believes that his happiness with Irene will last forever, but the young lady breaks his heart. She comes back to Soames, she cherishes a hope that her husband will forgive her one day and they will become a family again. But is Soames ready to forget about everything what Irene did to him? Does he really want his wife back? No. But what happens to Bosinney? What is his fate? Poor man died in an accident. He had June, he had a family, he had money, but one woman destroyed his happiness completely. But on the other hand, can we call it happiness? If he was really satisfied with his life, would he leave everything just for Irene? It is a very difficult situation a man could be in, and maybe we can say that for some time Bosinney managed to be happy being with Irene.

But Irene extremely needs someone who can support her, because her life changes all the time, and in fact all these changes do not lead to the best results. Communicating with Jolyon she feels that he is a man who understands her very well. And it does not matter that he is much older than her. She feels some spiritual affection towards him. But what about Jolyon? For some time he believes that Irene is a woman whom he needs and wants so much, but at the same time he realizes that they simply can’t be together for many reasons: age, social status, family relationships… And he tells about it to Irene. It does not disappoint her so much though, because she is a sensible woman and she can understand too why things can’t go further. She is a free woman now, and who knows what life difficulties will she have to face?The book finishes with the death of old Jolyon… It was a sunny day…and it seems that everything becomes quiet with the death of its master.

(by Luck)

In generally the third part of this book is based on the relationships between Soames, Irene and Bosinney. Soames left the court happily because he had won the case in the court, but he then was afraid because he found that  his wife was not at home.  He was really afraid of the disappearance of Irene. He went home again, went up stair, took Irene’s Jewel box, and noticed that all the jewel he had given was still there.We can say that are not many stylistic devises in this part but it is important to mention that  the feeling of growing suspense is still present in a very high degree here. Next we completely can see all Soames’s feelings and emotions.  As the author emphasizes the main character's inner sufferings the key words and sentences must describe those feelings: ``the tears rushed up in his eyes, the inner significance of her act, she loathed him, people living in different worlds, she was to be pitied, he betrayed the Forsyte, the pure ether of the selfless and unpractical''. Only after Iren’s  leaving Soames begins to understand that  all the time that they had been married she had disgusted  him and that they had been living in different worlds: his was the world of property and hers was the world of emotions. In this chapter we can see some stylistic devises which can characterize Soames’s crises in his inner world, such as metaphors ("the tears rushed up in his eyes and dropped upon them”). But suddenly everything extremely changes. The information of the death of Bosinney came from the police who came to Jame’s house. There were some talks that the death was caused by suicide. However, a police man said that it was an accident in the fog.  In elevated mood Soames goes home  he knows  that his wife had come back to his house. In fact, in some parts of his feeling, he want  to let his wife to leave him unlimited time. Soames know that his wife will never be able to go away from home again. She will be Soames’s own property again.

(By Tanya)

The third part of the Forsytes describes mostly the relationships between Soams ( a son of James and Emily),  Irene and Bosinney. As we have already known this love triangle and that fact that Irene got divorced with Soams because of the Bosinney. But Another tragedy came to the Irene: It was Bossiney’s death and she decided to return to Soams but he didn’t want to forgive her. The clan of aristocrats Forsyte is still full of secrets and mysterious things. The reader thinks that the third chapter will open all secrets to him but is it really so? Bosinney’s death means not only the end of the whole clan Forsyte, it means changes in Soame’s life.

Speaking about other characters, we can describe June. In the first chapter we saw how happy she was when the whole family celebrated her marriage with Phillip Bosinney. She knew that hew fiancé loved another woman – Irene. She couldn’t believe that that wouldn’t ever be with Bosinney together. He left everything for Irene, he forgot about money, society, about his family. Irene became an ideal woman for him. The author showed us that money is not an important thing in our life. You can have millions but you wont be happy and satisfied with your life. Love is a great power that can treat us or even destroy.

What about Jolyon? The author showed his relationships with Irene and his wish to be with her. But they cant be together because of some very important reasons. Such as Age, society and so on.

The end of the story is absolutely pessimistic  - the death of the old Jolyon. But the author tried to make the end of the story not so tragic. "Old Jolyon closed his eyes” – the author made his death like a dream.

(by Megastarosta)

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