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The problem in "Hills Like White Elephants” is pregnancy. Not pregnancy as it is, but the attitude to it. The American wife wants to have a baby. It’s natural for her, because of her genetic system. But George doesn’t share her opinion. For him pregnancy and their future child mean that for him there’s no his future.

The American husband is a real egoist. For him this girl, his wife, is a great responsibility. But the child will make their family completed, and it means greater responsibility. George is afraid of it. He is not ready for such a role. The role of breadwinner, the role of father, the role of real husband.

It seems that now everything is a kind of a game for him. Yes, they are married, but nor George neither his wife don’t feel real seriousness of these relationships. The American husband is a weak person. He doesn’t want to ruin his future, that’s why he makes his wife to ruin hers. For the lady this ruin is abortion. The problem is that she loves George and can do for him whatever he asks her.

I hope their choice is right, but time will show.

(by Seagull)

Every day people make right or wrong decisions that affect their future life. And the short story "Hills like white elephants” is about it. In this story we can see a man and a woman who are waiting for an express train, sitting in the bar and carrying on. This story presents us a couple in a period of crises. Through their conversation it becomes clear that the man tries to convince the girl that she should have an abortion. The woman must choose between the old and new life. But it isn't easy to make a right decision because we can't say that the new life will be happy. When her dream of a baby would dies the world would becomes gray. And I think it is absolutely true. Every family should have children, they should have continuation of their life. And in this situation the woman becomes a killer of her future.

(by Tanya)

The story "Hills like white elephants” was closely connected with the story "Cat in the rain”, because it also deals with woman and men relations. Her name is Jig, she is a dreamy person, I think. She wants to try new things, to explore. Looking off at the line of hills, which were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry, she mentioned that they look like white animals. But her companion didn’t react as she expected. I think that he answered only to get rid of her. I think she was nervous before the operation, and this American man really tried to give her a moral support, but we feel he was afraid of responsibilities, of having a family. He said that it is OK, it is up to her, but I think that that moment she wanted him to be more confident. It is said in the story that after the operation everything would be fine like it had been before. This couple hoped that the operation would change something, would breathe new life into them. She asked if it would be nice again if she said things are like white animals. We see that her life is based on what was and not on what is. I think their love is doomed.

(by Ayayulia)

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