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Lord of the Flies

Here you can find a set of ppt-presentations concerning the novel "Lord of the Flies". There are also short annotations available. The files have been uploaded on the free filehosting To download a file just click on it's name in the list below. If you follow this link, you can read the whole texts of the presentations uploaded here. 

Note: For better watching use the version of the Microsoft Office in which this or that presentation has been created and saved.

Lord of the Flies: Symbols.

Authors: Seagull, 8davids8, alex_makh

Annotation: The presentation concerns the most important symbols of the novel. They are the conch shell, the knife, Piggy's glasses, the signal fire, the lord of the flies, and the beast. In this presentation you can also learn what the boys (Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Simon, and Roger) represent. There's also a quotation from the novel related to every symbol.

Microsoft Office 2007 (.pptx)

Lord of the Flies: Motifs.

Authors: MissJane


Lord of the Flies: Allusions.

Authors: Asya, Luck, & Rina

Annotation: Biblical allusions: The pig's head represents Devil, Simon stands for Jesus, Jack is associated with Judas. Allusions to Hitler Regime and the Holocaust: similarities between Jack and Hitler, Piggy's death alludes to the Holocaust. Allusions to the Cold War: Ralph stands for Capitalistic Democratic world (the US), while Jack is associated with Communists and Joseph Stalin.

Microsoft Office 2003 (.ppt)

Lord of the Flies: Main Characters.

Authors: Ayayulia


Lord of the Flies: Main Characters of the Novel.

Authors: Megastarosta & Tanya

Annotation: This presentation describes the main characters of the story written by W.Golding. The reader can better understand their personalities, so the story will become more interesting for him or her. In our presentation you can also find short descriptions of the characters in a form of special diagrams.

Microsoft Office 2007 (.pptx)

To see the information about William Golding click here...

To see the whole texts of the presentations click here...

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