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In this story our couple meets an old American lady. She again unmeditated shows them that they ruin their life, their relationships, their happiness.

This lady is well-to-do person. And for her it’s natural to get whatever she wants. And, of course, such kinds of people are always rule the life of their relatives, especially children. This lady has also ruined the happiness of her daughter. All her life her mother tells her what and how to do. Even now this American lady wants to present her daughter a cage for a canary. This cage is a gift for the daughter – the cage for her daughter. This fact is very symbolic.

I think listening to this American lady our couple realizes that their life is far from perfection. All the time from the very beginning of their relationships they meet signs of the fact that they destroy their relationships instead of developing them. They also see many phenomena and examples of other’s lives and destinies. But George and Tiny doesn’t notice that they’ve already ruined their happiness, because everything is in its own time.

(by Seagull)

         We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry... (John Webster )

         A bird in a cage – easy readable symbol. It usually associates with lack of freedom, captivity, obedience, subjection... An old woman with two birds – her canary and her daughter – plays with their lives.

         It usually happens that stereotypes rule our life. They create boundaries nobody can across, they tie up, they restrict. And this old woman seems to be a sarcastic living embodiment of these stereotypes. Remember her saying "American men are the only men in the world to marry”... Nonsense! But... this foolish persuasion has ruined her daughter's life. And the most important thing is that this old lady is absolutely sure that everything she's done she's done right. Who is she? A selfish capricious woman? A miserable one, I guess. And this power – to govern her daughter's life is the only one thing she has. Illusion of significance. At the first sight it seems that there are just two "birds in a cage”. But in reality there are three: the old lady is captive by her own ambitious and whims.

         "I bought him in Palermo. … He really sings beautifully”...

(by Rina)

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