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2009 - THANK YOU GUYS - 2010
You have made a breakthrough and stepped into a new territory of thought and action, knowledge and experience. You have learnt how to be creative and inquisitive, how to explore and research, how to prove and argue, how to narrate and describe, how to boast and be reserved, how to achieve the impossible and remain well-balanced, how to read between the lines and be utterly outspoken and generous in emotions and help.
Dear students, thank you for being HOMO VERITUS! Thank you for your industry, energy and curiosity!
My virtual gift for all of you - an airplane that can take you anywhere anytime to see the world that you yourselves have made more beautiful and prosperous!
  • Sasha, I want to thank you for being so merry and helpful to all of us. I can't imagine our group without your happy smiles and rare tears! I have prepared a little gift for you - a virtual table of handmade fruit sculptures with flowers around to make it look like the sun! That's YOU.
  • Sasha, thank you for your positiveness, for taking care of you group. I believe, you are the best monitor. Thank you for our talks. They a rare, but they are, and I like them much. And my gift for you is a picture of your future happy life! It's colorful, it shows you, your family, your friends and whatever YOU want to see there.
  • My dear Sasha! Thank you for your caring of us, thank you for your attention and responsibility, for your enthusiasm and positiveness. I do believe that It's a great luck that you are our group's STAROSTA. No, I'm mistaken, you are a real MEGASTAROSTA )))) Oh, and my present... I've got a crazy desire to present everybody with sweets.. So, my present for you is a lollipop – colourful like a rainbow, but strong enough to cope with any difficulty))))
  • Sasha, my dear group mate! I am so happy you've finally decided to study with us, not with group E! Thank you for maintaining our group's positiveness and unity. Thank you for being so nice to talk to and to spend time with! I'd like to present you with a magical stick. It makes it possible to make one understand what you feel and change his/her behaviour.
  • Sasha! You're such a great person and a very nice friend. You can always organize things well. Thank you for being so devoted to our group. My present to you is a huge balloon, heart-shaped, as a symbol of our love to you!
  • Thank you Sasha for being our Megastarosta!!! Thank you for being so kind, merry and reliable!
  • Dear Sasha, I'd like to thank you for your eternal optimism that helps our group to rush through all difficulties and cope with all hardships. My virtual gift to you is a ticket to hot countries. Spend this sommer with pleasure, it may be the last carefree summer fot you!
  • Many thanks to you, my dear girl, for everything you have done, are doing and will do for our group! The life of the monitor is a hard job but it must be rewarded. With all my heart I’m giving you the title of the queen of the group!
  • Thank you for all that you do for us as a starosta. You are a very reliable person. You are always cheerful and chatty and sociable. You are a really good person. My virtual gift for you is a box of sweets.

    • Dear Alexei, you have done a lot for the success of the group! You have achieved a lot that will be with you for many years to come! My thanks to you  for your initiatives, for making the group's work dynamic and interesting, for being patient to my criticism. My virtual gift - a book of success recipes for a successful person!
    • Alexey, thank you!!! Thank you for your readiness to help and to support. You are a person on whom I can really rely, because you've already helped me in different situations with different things. My present for your is a box of chocolate truffles – you know, these candies are regarded to be élite dainty, by the way, let's call it "pompous” and everything will be understood ;))))
    • Alexei, thank you! Thank you for your being near in difficult life situations. Thank you for your open-heartedness. I'd like to present you with a box of people's Kindness so that you always know that you're loved and treasured.
    • ALEXEY! THANK you for being such a GREAT person! THANK you for constant talks on ICQ! THANK you for helping in everything when I need it so much! Just thanks! And my present to you is a small helper, who'll maybe somehow will make your busy life easier! (Well, and of course a tin of coffee or tea, that will always make you feel energized!!!)
    • Thank you, Alexej, for being such an interesting personality - you're a man who's always interesting to talk to!
    • Alexey, I thank you for your activity maybe not always succesful, but enthusiasm is always good. My virtual gift to you is a collie puppy, a whistle and a knut, I guess you understand why.
    • Alexei, you can always help and I want to thank you for it. I have a little gift for you – it’s a car. Hopefully you will never be late with this gift. By the way you have your drive license now.



    • Dear Asya, it's been my luck to have you as my student. Your energy level and observations have taught me to approach teaching as an immersive environment. My thanks to you for your grasping mind and a tenacious grip on your thoughts, opinions and attitudes. And the ability to change your mind when you learn new things. My imaginative gift to you - a Thoughts and Feelings Reserach Laboratory and a Psychology and Education Hints From Asya Website. 
    • Asya, thank you for being my conscience sometimes. Thank you for showing another side of the things we were discussing during our lessons. You're a very good psychologist. And my gift for you is a magic prism.  Through this prism you can see inner worlds of people without their masks.
    • Asya!!! Thank you for you understanding and sharing my crazy ideas!!! You are the person with whom I'll never be bored or tired, and the themes we can discuss during hours and hours are innumerable))) And thank you for making me think. By the way, it's you who can help me get rid of my laziness. Or just share it))) My present for you is... CANDYFLOSS. I guess you need no comments ;))))))))))
    • My dear Asya! I'd like to say thank you just for one thing: for being such a good friend of mine. If I write EVERYTHING what I like you so much for, then it'll be an endless list! Thanks for your help, talks, enthusiasm in everything! I'd like to present you with a HUGE box of chocolates (well, you already have ENOUGH tea!!), that will make your life even sweeter and happier!!!
    • Thank you, Asya - you're the kindest and the wisest person in our group! We all can rely on you!
    • Asya! I would like to thank you for your helping hand that is always with the group at the moments of despair. Thank you very much! My gift to you is a degree in psychology. I think you deserve it.
    • Dear Asya. Thank you for your psychological tests. I liked it. My virtual gift for you is a little brown teddy-bear. I know that you like teddy-bears. I hope my virtual toy will be your favorite.
    • Thank you for an ability to be a good listener. Moreover you are a very hard-working person.  We know that you like reading that's why my virtual gift for you is an interesting book.

    • Tanya, thank you for your madness, that sometimes visits you. :) Thank you for our ICQ-chatting about everything and nothing at same time. Thank you for your help during our classes. So my gift for you is a very-very-very big tin of coffee. It always helps you to concentrate, to search the Internet during the whole night and be very rested and ready to work in the morning after it.
    • When you speak, you look attentively at the interlocutor. When you prove your opinion, you do it thoughtfully and cautiously. When you sit and think, you create a limitless world of thoughts and ideas. Thank you for making our conversations brisk and involving. My little gift - a nice pony for evening rides with your best friend in Starozhilovo.
    • Tanechka, thank you for being my friend! You're the first person I'll call if I want to go to the cinema or somewhere else. And I do like your attitude to things: attentive and humorous. When I'm in a bad mood I remember our conversations (via ICQ, on the phone, eye to eye) and they make me laugh. My virtual gift to you is your personal rollerdrome. =)
    • Thank you Tanya for being so prudent everytime - you're, IMHO the most sensible member of our society!
    • I have never met such a funny and cheerful person. You always smile and it’s nice. I want to present you a book of anecdotes. I hope it will help you to keep  smiling all the time

    • Thanks a lot for your painstaking work during the year! But besides this you possess a unique treasure – your smile can energize people and let them feel at ease. This broad friendly smile :-D is for you!

    • Thank you for honesty, even when it is difficult to do so. You are always sympathetic when other people have problems. My gift for you is good weather during our vacation.
    • Tanya, thank you!!! You are the person you creates harmony in our group, you know. You can calm everybody, even me))) Thank you for your patience during our "instructivka” - I wonder that you didn't kill me, on the contrary, you were the only person who didn't let me go mad there)))) My present for you is vanilla ice-cream – it's quite modest but at the same time very elegant, it's a kind of classics among different kinds of sweets)))
    • Irina, thank you for all the positive emotions you always express in our group. Thank you for your smile. My gift for you is an amazing flower. It is as charming as your smile. You can find it's aroma nowhere in our planet, because this is the flower of Gods.
    • Irina, thank you for making our life so positive! I like it that you can be so serious and light-hearted at one and the same time! My present to you is a big tasty ice-cream))))Enjoy!!)))))
    • Thank you Irene for being so cheerful and energetic!!)
    • Irina, thank for your  blogs about anime. I’ve changed my opinion about this type of cartoons. My virtual gift for you is a chance to have a photosession in the style of anime heroes.
    • Irina, thank you for sharing your crazy ideas with me. You always know how to find an activity that will absorb me so much that I won't be able to do anything else. I know for sure that I can talk to you about everything that is in my mind - and you'll make our conversation really long and full of insanity. Whether sharing my opinion or arguing with me, you know how to make my brains work. Thank you. I'd like to give you a small hand-made gift. I've made it myself. At night I flew on my wings to where vanilla grows and collected a nice ikebana for you. "You know, happiness smells of vanilla..."
    • Your cheerfulness always makes our days a little brighter, and problems seem a whole lot smaller. I want to thank you for being such a good friend. My virtual gift for you is a cinema ticket.
    • Dear Zhenya, this year you have managed to achieve a lot in your studies. You have visited numerous areas of knowledge. You have left traces of your curiousity far beyond the territory of a conventional student. Your inquisitve mind has given birth to a lot of our group's projects. I want to thank you for all of these. My little gift - multimdea production centre with four units: abstract arts group, digital and teleportation photography, legal services, an Enlgish and Thinking club.
    • Zhenya, you're one of the most amazing people I've ever met! You're so kind and always ready to help! It's so pleasant to spend time with you, because you're just a VERY good friend! My present to you is a huge chocolate cake that will make you smile...and...maybe satisfy the hunger that comes to us SO often!!!
    • Thank you Jane for being a very good friend for everyone of us!)
    • My dear Jane, you are my good friend, you always help me if necessary. Thank you very much. My virtual gift for you is a good camera. I’m sure you will make a lot of good pictures.

    • Thank you for being so generous, thoughtful and so true. You are very kind and considerate.
    •  Thank you, Jane, for being such a multiple personality. You've opened the wonderful world of photography to me. And my little gift to you is a magical clock that can make the time stop to enjoy the moment and  speed up the events you don't want to happen.
    • Dear Jane!!! Thank you for your dependability, responsibility and unpredictability))) You are the person who is always a surprise for me – you can be serious or playful, you can behave very rationally and suddenly begin to monkey around. Thank you for you sense of humour – I still remember all these names of strange creatures I've drawn)))) My present for you - chocolate candies with fruit filling – they seem to be conservative but they have something special inside)))


    • Tanya, thank you for your smile, for your openheartedness and for your optimistic outlook on life. I like looking at you when you think. Your reaction to your own mistakes makes me smile. My virtual gift to you is a musical box.
    • Alex. You are a very talented person. My virtual gift for you – You and your favourite musical group on the stage together
    • Thank you for your optimism and wealth of wit that always make our university life full of unforgettable moments and joy! You are very talented and that’s why I’m going to present you with a cool drum set. 
    • Thank you for being a musical centre of our group and for your ability to make every situation laughable. My virtual gift to you is Diner VIP card allowing you to be served very quickly and on the most lavish scale.


    • Thank you for your lessons. You made our education interesting. My gift – The biggest box of chocolate.
    • I’m really grateful to you for your drainless enthusiasm and ability to talk everyone into doing an activity which later is recognized as a fabulous one. I want to give you a compass to keep you on the right track, to point at the place and time when success is waiting for you!
    • Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for your teaching. You have a way of making dry lesson plans really interesting.
    • Thank you for your enthusiasm that makes us work and your outstanding ideas that make our University life really amazing and awesome. You make us believe that we can achieve everything we want. Thank you for this!!!))))) And my present for you is a large box of allsorts – they are so different, like your students, but I'm sure, you know how to treat all of them)))
    • Dear Teacher, thank You for being the most innovative and creative person in our department (and who knows, maybe, in the whole university?!). I'd like to present you with AMOUNTS of new methodological and linguistic literature in English (new textbooks included).

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