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2009 - OUR  TEAM - 2010

She is a really good and pleasant person. She is very cheerful and energetic. And she has always a lot of  brilliant and crazy ideas.))) Rina is the very person who is always eager to talk to you and give a piece of advice. When she's speaking about something you can't help listening to her: she's so smart! She's a real multiple personality!!! She likes to write "yepp" and "dunno"). I adore the way she speaks English and have always thought she could be a pop star. When she looks, she looks deep. When she speaks, she transmits confidence. When she is silent, she waits. You will never find another person with such a brilliant memory and such a mysterious look. Her brilliant memory helps her in her studies, that's why she's a very diligent student. She never betrays studies, even when the Doomsday comes, she will study English) She is very clever and happy-smiling girl:) By the way, her favourite book is "Alice in wonderland". Don't you know why? Because she adores challenges and different crazy things. She also likes fairy tales. Hmmmm... Not, maybe, fairy tales themselves but something like that. Just watch one of Rina's favourite movies "Big fish" and you'll understand what I mean. =) And, of course, her eyes... They make Rina a very charming young lady... Her eyes strike me by their beuty and her infectious smile is the best addition to them.

One of the most cheerful people I've ever met. She's always ready to help and support. And you know what? I've NEVER seen her being angry! She knows how to stay calm and keep positive thinking) She's very kind and generous. Tanya is the one you can always rely on. She is very beautiful. Her permanent calmness and devoted look can never leave anyone indifferent. She is delicate like a dove. Tanya always keeps silence when there is nothing to say. It is really an outstanding and priceless trait of character. Her ability to support friends is really amazing. In the minutes of gloom she is always ready to help when everyone else is forceless. She is a nice girl and I think she'll score a success in life. Tanya is very cute because of the light of her soul.


Asya loves children)))and they love her)) and we love Asya))) She likes good anime, Teddy bears, group Melnitsa, people's smiles and thought-provoking books. She is interested in so many things - psychology, pedagogy, literature, languages. She is a good psychoanalist, a competent sociologist. You can ask her EVERYTHING and she will definitely answer you))) She's a generous person and a devoted friend. She is very sensible and knows how to manage things and deal with stress and depression. She is like a lighthouse for the whole group. When you don't know something or need a piece of advice, you'll be definitely "shown the way". Asya's bright mind gives us hints when they are in the most need, so she's a kind of creative catalyst for the surroundings. She is a great friend and I'm sure in every situation you can rely on her. Asya is one of those people with whom you're not afraid to be absolutely opened and to show all your thoughts and feelings. Everybody knows she can cook well. 

Sasha is our favourite STAROSTA!!! Like a loving mother she takes care of her crazy groupmates))) She was born to be a leader and mentor. Her ideas can give birth to lots of projects and events. And... just look at her - she's so pretty and stylish! I like her voice timbre and the melody with which she speaks. She is absolutely open-hearted and emotional. However, sometimes her emotions overflow her reason. Our devotion to her is eternal. Her everyday positiveness is the only thing that people can rely on when everything goes wrong. Sasha is also the heart and soul of every party. And our group won't be so great without Sasha! She's always ready to help and to protect us from any problems. Sasha copes with many duties and never speaks about it, that's why we respect her and try not to upset her or to get her in wrong. She is a really energetic and positive person. She has many different and interesting hobbies: dancing, painting which characterize her as a very talented person.


Max is like an elder brother in our little society - he always has bright and sensible thoughts, teaches us how to take right and opportune decisions and knows the right time to say "Calm down! Take it easy...". Maybe, he is sometimes too critical, but we always respect his point of view. He has a very good sense of humor and by the way he's a movie-maniac!)))) Yep, if you want to know something about movies, ask him - two-hour lecture and you are overloaded with info...  In the photo he is like a film director. He is also a football fan, can play it well and would contribute a lot to our national team if he played in it. But for him, this website would never have started and wouldn't have won the Innovative Projects award. I'm sure that in the nearest future he will start his own Online Social Service and will be in the board of directors of a new social Internet project. He is very talkative though he rarely admits that. He is always ready to help, and i can say: "Thank you, Max" for it. Max has a very interesting outlook on life. He says: "Count your chicken BEFORE they're hatched. Otherwise you won't have to count them at all". You know, it's necessary to have a strong core to settle problems and to cope with difficulties. So, Max is a Strong Core of our group.  


Jane is a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile that radiates warmth, attention, trust, devotion. Her love of photography proves that she is capable of seeing any tiny feature in man's character. Her view on life can be described as thoughtful and positive. Being responsible, self-confident and dependable, she can cope with any difficulty. At first sight she is usually calm and may seem indifferent, but her friends know that Jane knows how to have fun))) More than that Jane always thinks straightly, that's why some think she is more of a man than a woman)) More than once her logical thinking has helped us to find a way out of a difficult situation. She's very determined and strong-willed.
SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND  and I can always tell her my secrets. She can listen to me attentively and give me very helpful pieces of advice. I love my princess.
She is quite a calm girl but she always reaches her goals. Being very successful in studies she can help everyone! Besides she is a very good friend. Jane is a very good companion to discuss some serious themes of some philosophical questions. But it's also very pleasant to speak with her about simple and inessential things. I like to talk with her about anything, unfortunately, such moments are very rare.



Alex is believed to be the most pompous man ever, but some still argue. One of his distinguished features is his ability to waffle. By the way, this skill helps him to get the straight A’s. He can be different in different situations. His power of concentration sometimes fails him but when he takes a grip on himself, he manages to do a lot. Alex  is like a BIG BOSS, he is always sooo busy, that sometimes doesn't have time for his study)) He could be more consistent in his estimations and judgments, but he is unwilling to be so; who knows, maybe this is the most enchanting trait in him =) He has done a lot to achieve what he has now and keeps thinking of how to make his life full of sense, responsibility and care. He likes  to help other people and he is almost crazy about volunteer activity but it's really great because he does good for many people. You can be quite sure in one thing: he will never betray you and never blackmail you. Isn't it one of the best traits? I want to say only one thing about him. He is one of the most ambitious person I've ever met. And he always wants to be everywhere and do everything at once. He's a kind of a person who will never miss any important event. 

TANYA (Luck)

She is the most responsible person I've ever known. Being very attentive, tolerant and prudent, she manages to be a very successful student. Sometimes she may seem shy or timid. Well, everybody in the group agrees that Tanya is a very modest person. Her body language is magnificent and helps her to express herself with ease and confidence. It seems she knows what she wants from life, but her goals are inscrutable for others. However, it helps her keep her mind from struggling. She often laughs))))))) Her face convinces that she can be a perfect PR manager and a good negotiator. Tanya knows what she wants from life and achieves her goals. Hard work isn't hard for her when she knows what she does it for. By the way, being so shy and modest she adores horror movies. She's a wonderful personality, isn't she? Of course, she is!) She is very kind and ready to help. While being with her I feel appeasement.
Tanya is a very hard working person. She is a good listener. Loyalty and honesty are the most important characteristics of her.


She is our "new born group mate"))). But she is so good companion, that now we are one big collective) We like her for her fairness and for the fact that she is ABLE to help in every situation. She is a kind, simple, friendly, good humored, positive and helpful person. She's become a part of us very fast. Julia is an equable person. She is clever and diligent. ANd she's VERY beautiful. It seems that she takes everything easy and nothing can make her sad. To my mind, her sense of humour is really cool. We can't imagine our university life without her happy smile and low voice. Have you noticed her dress style? So elegant, delicate, warm and eye-catching but never extravagant or aggressive.


Alex is a very extraordinary person. As far as I can judge he is heaven-born drummer. His life is Music. He drums almost everywhere using pens and pencils - it's a kind of his favourite habit))) And he likes to cook)) And if you ask him, he'll tell you a story of his music career with great pleasure. He has his definite attitude to everything in our life and doesn't want to change it. He is very modern in his views upon the world. He is really talented and creative. He is a very optimistic person. Alex is very open-hearted and easygoing. He is also kind and good-natured.



Viktor Alexandrovich is like a second father for us. there is a joke in our institute "Jacob Moiseevich is a God, and V.A. is a Subgod". Our teacher is a brilliant methodologist, perfect tutor and by the way he's a very kind, patient and laughing person. Sometimes he's strict and demanding, but we know - it's all because he loves us, and wants us to become real specialists! It seems that his favourite teaching method is giving the students a carrot and stick motivation. As a teacher V.A. is a real humanist. He has different touches to every of us. I don't know any other teacher who can be as interested in the life of his students, their preferences, attitudes, thoughts and opinions as our Viktor Alexandrovich. He says that depression doesn't take place in his life. He's also never exhausted. Victor Alexandrovich is sure that if one has a goal and a hobby life just can't be unbearable and tiring. Besides, his sense of humour is really outstanding - some students are sometimes puzzled by his unpredictable jokes. He has an enthusiasm that is contagious to his students and colleagues. He knows when to laugh at himself and when to laugh with us. His inborn gift to be a teacher amazes everyone. I guess his proffessionalism and permanent desire to change the world around him make him a great personality.


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