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Practise the use of CAN and COULD following the procedures below:
1. Look through the questions. Read them aloud with a rising tone.
2. Now listen to the audio tracks and repeat.
3. Look through the questions again. Tick \/ any ten questions that you find most interesting and motivating.
4. Read the chosen ten questions aloud again at normal conversationl speed.
5. Asnwer each of the chosen questions orally and then in writing.
6. Chose the questions that best suit the pictures on the left (3-5 questions per picture).
7. Write 2-3 questions of your own to each picture.
Part 1.
  • Can’t it be true that everybody will achieve everything that he wants? money
  • Can’t it be possible that poverty will be eradicated?
  • Can it be possible that the world economic situation will be stable forever?
  • Can it be possible that our government will improve people’s wellbeing or perhaps it’s just a dream that will never come true?
  • Can’t people fight for their rights in some situations?
  • Can’t you be always responsible for all your activities?
  • Could you get hold of yourself in any situation?
  • Can it be possible that Russia will come out of the recession with minimal losses?
  •  Can it be true that Volkswagen – Audi group will be broke?
  •  Can’t the problem of exhaustible resources ever be solved?poor
  • Can you be happy/unhappy without any reason?
  • Can you get your mind off your problems when you want to?
  • Can't you be the first one to apologize after a fight?
  • If you realized that you had been wrong when arguing, could you admit it to your partner?
  • Can you express your opinion, even if others in the group disagree with you?
  • Can it be possible that there will be no poverty in the world?
  • Could you make every human dream come true if you were a genie?
  • Can it be possible that you have a chance to visit a foreign country?
  • Can it be possible that we will learn to control our health?
  • Could it be possible to tell the truth all the time?
  • Can people avoid being envious?
  • Can our society stop destroying itself?
  • Can't the Third World war be easily prevented?conference

Part 2.


  • Can't people understand that they mustn't change their nature?
  • Can't it be possible that all the violence that exists nowadays will suddenly disappear?
  • Can you always do what you have to notwithstanding the fact you dislike it?
  • Can you forgive your best friend's treachery?
  • Can it be possible that you will suddenly begin to behave in a very odd way?
  • Can you always control your feelings and emotions?
  • Can't globalization be good?riot
  • Can we overcome the WEC (World Economic Crisis) by 2012?
  • Could it be reasonable to ban smoking while driving?
  •  Can you sleep well after watchin' news?
  • Сan it be possible to stop being so rude and violent towards each other?
  • Can it be possible that theatre as an art form is going to vanish?
  • Can violent movies make people think of their nature?
  • Can we presuppose that sometimes there will be no race discrimination on Earth?
  • Could it be true that there are people speaking 10 and more languages?
  • Could it be possible that some of you haven't yet read my instructions concerning audio uploading?
  • Could you pretend that it doesn't matter you at all when a person has some problems and asks you for help?
  • Can you put off an urgent piece of work for some time even if it is necessary to fulfill it in time?
  • They say the winter this year can be very mild. What's your opinion?
  • Can you be always smiling and cheerful when you are sad and miserable inside?
  • You know your friend Nick stole some money from your mutual acquaintance. The victim says to you: "It can't be true that Nick has done it" What would you say? 




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