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92. Jonathan Livingstone [Teacher]   (06.02.2015 10:09)
Hello, Group! Here are some tasks and suggestions for you.
First of all, you are to post two pieces of news in our NEWS-section every week. One of them should concern some global information and the other one should be connected with our city.
Then, think of new blogs in the BLOG-section. What blog would you like to have and write in?
And finally, send your photos to me for the project I told you about last term.

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91. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (12.09.2012 12:24)
Hi, Group! Some tasks for you on the site.
1) Go to the Blogs section in the menu
2) Choose the last Blog in the list - BBC Reader Here.
3) Post an Article from the BBC site by clicking the ADDITION option (top left bar), lost it in the blank window that comes up on the screen
4) Structure your post:
- Title (another colour)
- Body of the article (black colour, with pictures)
- Your questions (another colour) to the content of the article (5-10)
- Your reaction to the article (what is new, interesting, important, unusual, etc,)
5) You do this task once a week

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90. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (21.03.2012 14:24)
Hi, everyone! Look through the following instructions for your homework.
1) Leave a few comments on the movie 'Collector' based on J.Fowels's book in the forum thread on Cinema.
2) Some have still to add comments on the previously watched 'The Ebony Tower'.
3) Post comments on Michelangelo in the forum. Include some of his plates.

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89. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (14.03.2012 13:34)
Hi, everyone! A few ideas for your online homework.
1) Write an essay on 'The Ebony Tower' by J. Fowles. Since this is your own work, I recommend you think of your own theme to discuss in the essay. Size - appr. 500 words. Upload it in the Interpreting Fiction section.
2) Discuss the movie based on the novel in the 'Ebony Tower' thread of the Cinemaforum.
3) Again, in the Interpreting Fiction section create a multimedia scrapbook page with annotated links to various resources on John Fowles and 'The Ebony Tower'.
4) Please, leave your comments on the skipped Art Lesson in the forum on the Rennaissance (Giotto, Botticelli...).
5) Re-watch the first three episodes on the early and Rennaissance art from 'The Story of Painting'.

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88. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (07.03.2012 15:12)
Dear Group, some thoughts concerning your homework.
1) Find and upload in the Photo Projects a painting by a modern painter. Add a few details and comments.
2) The Forum on painting, the threads on Giotto and Botticelli - leave messages answering some of the questions. Include any of their paintings to illustrate your thoughts.
3) Find and watch a video on Giotto and Botticelli. Use the info in your comments and messages.
4) Watch Sister Wendy's 'Story of painting'.

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87. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (27.02.2012 14:13)
Hi, everyone!
For tomorrow's class, please bring your earphones so that everyone could watch and listen to the videos on the site.

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86. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (09.12.2011 11:43)
Group, please go back to the Translation Experiments blog and edit your entries. It isn't clear what you have done.
- Your post is to contain the source text and the translation text.
- Besides, you were supposed to add a few vocabulary comments on some of the polysemantic words, phrases or word-combinations
- Please, do it as soon as possible.
- Tomorrow! Don't forget about your videos cool

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85. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (24.05.2011 14:21)
Уважаемые студенты группы!
Мои требования в большей части игнорируются вами!
Домашние задания не выполняются вообще или с большой задержкой! Тренировкой произношения не занимаетесь!
Лексика и грамматика на уровне троечных абитуриентов! Речевая дисциплина - ноль!
Страшная небрежность в устной речи на занятиях!
Мыслительная деятельность свидетельствует о нежелании многих думать глубоко, серьезно, четко, логично!
Это положение не приемлемо для меня!
Учебный процесс по английскому языку практически разрушен вами!
Вы лишаете меня возможности работать в группе качественно и компетентно!
Мои наблюдения и статистика вашей работы на сайте свидетельствуют от том, что успеваемость резко пошла вниз.
Прогнозы результатов экзамена: оценка "4" - пять студентов, оценка "3" - пять студентов.
Выход: 1) начать заниматься, 2) поменять преподавателя.
Выбор за вами!

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84. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (27.04.2011 20:46)
Hi, everyone! The following are your hometasks for discussions on our website for the coming two weeks:
Part Two:
1) Watch all of the videos. Make sure that you have left at least ome comment on each video.
2) Write an essay on 'My first day in business'. Think of the best title. Size about 350-400 words.
P.S.: Ignoring work on the site can damage the teaching and learning environment. When students choose this strategy, the teacher doesn't have a right for emotinal abuse, but has the right to seek new inquisitve and hardworking students.

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83. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (26.04.2011 12:14)
Dear Group! The following are your hometasks for discussions on our website.
Part One:
1) Write an essay on chapters 8-15 (about 300 words), think of the best title. Choose any of the pints discussed in the lesson plans: in your essay you can talk about the style, characters, tone, themes, philosophy, etc.
2) Continue updating the multimedia podcast on Mark Twain (on entry per person), unclude an annotation to each entry.
3) 2 news items a week
4) Upgrading the video podcast - focus Global economic problems, issues and strategies.
5) 10 comments on the videos.
6) Blogs 'Translation Experients' and "Russian and English Together Forever'. Discuss and do translations.
7) Your next class is on Monday 16, 2011. Read 'Huckleberry Finn' to the end.

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82. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (21.04.2011 09:12)
Dear Group!
Look through the following synopsis of your homework for the Monday class.
1) An essay (300 words) on Huckleberry Finn based on the ideas in task 10 of the lesson plan, post it in the Interpreting Fiction section
2) Multimedia podcast on Mark Twain's works, writing style, criticism (audio, video, PP presentations)
3) Huchleberry Finn - chapter 8-15
4) Ten comments on videos about Business Issues and Economics
5) Regular work on the site: a) two pieces of news, comments in the news, blogs, videos; b) forum discussions - at least a message a day.
P.S.: When the requirements aimed at building sound professional skills and competences are not met and when tasks are not done, your teacher can't guarantee any quality. But the teacher continues to pursuit quality and is prone to look for those who need quality like fresh air. When his students ignore quality, they downgrade the quality of the teaching service. I don't want my teaching products to be of low quality. I will look for new clients.

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81. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (15.04.2011 17:52)
Dear Group! This is a reminder of your homework for the Monday Class on April, 18, 2011
1) Write an opinion ora persuasive essay based on task 2-4 in LP 21
2) Record your essays in an audiofile and upload on the site in the Audios section under 'Business Matters'
3) Upload video clips on any of the concepts used in the lesson: consumer price index, market basket, taxes, standard of living, inflation, public or private sector, free enterprise system, unemployment, employment figures, etc.
4) Watch and write comments to any ten videos on business matters.
5) Post two pieces of news (per person)
6) Join any five discussions in the forums.
7) Read chapters 1-7 of Huckleberry Finn

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80. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (04.04.2011 16:30)
Welcome back to your Uni classroom!
Your first home tasks for the next discussion class:
1) Explaining Concepts (based on task 1 in LP 20). Explain all of the suggested concepts, think of a title and post your text in the section 'Articles'
2) Write a persuasive essay 'How to start your own business' (300-35- words), post it on the site under the heading 'Persuasive Essays'
3) Prepare a script of the interview that you acted out in class and post in under the heading 'Interviews' in the section 'Essays'. Think of the best title.
4) Video-Project. Film an interview on Success in Business based on ex. 4 in LP, post it on the site in the Videos under the heading 'Learning English Videos: Success in Business'. Think of a title for your video interview.
5) Search the Internet for videos on business issues, upload them on the site in the section Videos under the heading 'Business Issues'.
6) Two pieces of news per person (one on business, the other on any local issue or event)
7) Initiate topical discussions and new threads in the forum on Economy at and Success in Business at
8) Everyday forum discussions are required. Please, join any three discussions in active forum.
P.S.: It will be impossible for me to do top-quality teaching if you ignore the tasks.

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79. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (06.01.2011 17:14)
While you doing your exam, there are two video-based tasks for you.
- Find and upload videos on the topics 'Animals in our Life' and 'Our Emotions' (one per person for each topic)
- You personally decide which aspect you want to focus on.

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78. Victor Kruchkov [Former-Teacher]   (06.01.2011 17:09)
While the exam period is going on, there are some other tasks for you to do.
- Go to my entries 61and 62.
- Read the details for the photo project 'Communication in our time - Forget or Remember'
- Upload the photos with brief texts to them.

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