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No USE – No Bachelor Degree

The Unified State Exam will probably become an obligatory exam at the end of the Bachelor Degree. So those students, who are not able to pass the exam, do not deserve to be awarded their Bachelor Degree. "Students should not be tested by the teachers who know them very well, because in this case we can get thousands of specialists who are not capable of doing their work excellently. Only independent testing is able to improve our education”, Mr. Fursenko says.

 And what do you think about the innovation? Will it really help us to make the educational system better?

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5 lovefootball)   [Entry]
To tell the truth I don't see anything bad in the very concept and idea of USE. Why? Everything is distinct and measured and you don't have to pass the same exams several times (I mean school leavers). But this concerns the form only. Unfortunately I can't resound praises to the content because tasks are often too diffused and require the knowledge of some peripheral information.

4 MissJane   [Entry]
All this sounds ridiculous! As if a Bachelor Degree were issued to a person only on the basis of ONE exam! And what about all these years of education and other exams? Even if a student were given a grade subjectively and doesn't deserve it, does it really make any difference? You can't be a favourite with ALL teachers. So the average grade (after all the semester exams are passed) is more or less fair. As for bribes, I'm sure we all know that the practice of the USE has already shown the high possibility of dishonesty. Corruptibility is universal and no USEs are capable of getting rid of it dry

3 Teacher   [Entry]
I think that Mr. Fursenko continues destroying the Russian System of Education. It's clear for everybody that all these USEs brake the process of education and make people stupid. There's no need to be clever and well-educated to be drilled for the Unified State Exam.

2 Ayayulia   [Entry]
It’s not a secret that sometimes marks are given subjectively. But the consequences really depend. On the one hand if examiner and examinee are not familiar, the professor’s opinion is more unprejudiced, but he/she is still a human being, who may just dislike long-hair boys, girls who smoke or smth of this kind. On the other hand your teacher can give you a higher mark because, for example, you made a great progress. And I don’t see anything bad in it because it means that you are trainable (that is very important for employers). So I’m FOR familiar examiners.

1 lovefootball)   [Entry]
I think that this very human factor should remain, I mean those teachers who can read our knowledge like a book and know all our drawbacks and merits. Why does he think presence will do only harm? On the contrary, it can give students an extra incentive, make them calmer... By the way it also concerns ordinary exams.

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