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Main » 2012 » February » 14 » Smoke-free laws lead to less smoking at home
Smoke-free laws lead to less smoking at home

Anti-tobacco laws in several European countries prompted many smokers to ban smoking at home and to cut their cigarette consumption.

Doctors pored over a survey into smoking habits in France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, both before and after bans on smoking in the workplace, restaurants and bars took effect in the last decade.

The trends in those countries were compared with Britain, which at the time did not have smoke-free legislation.

After the laws took effect, the percentage of smokers who banned all smoking at home rose by 17 per cent in France, 25 per cent in Ireland, 28 per cent in the Netherlands and 38 per cent in Germany.

The overall number of cigarettes that an individual smoked each day also fell "significantly" in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, but not in France.

How do you think, is the smoking-situation in Russia better or worse? And do our scientists actually pay so much attention to the problem?
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2 Former-Teacher   [Entry]
Smoking population is an essential business target. The more people smoke, the better for those who produce tobacco products. A rich country can afford to ban smoking in public places. A rich country needs healthy population that can produce real value - goods and services - and pay taxes. It promotes advertising campaigns to reduce tobacco consumption thus increasing active workforce that is quite resistant to tobacco-related deseases.

1 lovefootball)   [Entry]
I sometimes think that thay pay TOO much attention to the problem, or maybe it's not scientists but mass media, I'm not quite sure, it's not actually the point. Well, smoking is destructive and unpleasant in every respect but can't we just leave it at one's personal disposal? Adults can make decisions themselves, so perhaps it's enough,for example, to separate smoking areas in restaurants from non-smoking ones (what is already successfully done) and let people spend time as they like?

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